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Canewdon daytime Investigation
20 January 2006

This investigation was done by Manda, Lynn and Mark (both from the Haunted Essex team).  We had a fantastic day, which all started at the Anchor pub where we went for lunch and shadows were seen by Mark and Lynn during our lunch and then Manda picked up on a tall dark figure wearing a hooded cloak. He was just standing there and although she asked for info, he seemed unwilling to reply and due to his looks, she decided she didn't want to push it!!

We then went to Canewdon church to do our own little invest. Inside the church Manda picked up on a lady called Olivia, Lynn saw a lady walk into the church and sit at the front crying. Manda was given that she was lost (not sure quite what that meant), and that she hadn't come in immediately, because she had been frightened of us inside.

Manda then was shown the same figure she had seen in the pub. He was standing a distance away and almost immediately she got him, Lynn was getting "beware of George", I asked if this was George and she said yes it was.  I now know this was the famous witch/romany magic man George Pickingill. Manda would not let him come to close, because she doesn't usually connect with dark spirits and was not sure how dark or strong he was and did not want any problems.

By this time Manda was experiencing a very heavy headache and was so cold she was shivering, but wanted to continue. He then said he was proud of what he had done!,  and he then showed Manda himself standing on something (could have been a stone slab???) with both his hands raised above his head and he was holding a large wooden staff in his left hand. This seemed to be a stance of power somehow?

Then Lynn suddenly said look at that and as soon as Manda broke her concentration, the headache went, but she reported feeling very unsteady on her feet and tired, she was still freezing cold at this point. When Manda and Mark looked to where Lynn was pointing, there was a dark misty figure sitting in the middle of the front pew. Manda actually saw this with her own eyes and this is the first time she has seen spirit with her own eyes and not through pictures in her mind (third eye).

The spirit was George and he was just sitting there. We sent Mark down the front to see if he could make any contact and although he was it was freezing cold there, no contact was made. Although both Manda and Lynn both saw the figure stand up and he was hovering around Mark, to the point where Mark was almost completely blocked out by the black mist.

After spending sometime trying to make contact, Mark asked the figure to follow him down the aisle, Mark moved, but the figure stayed there. Then when we both looked back, it had gone!

We then discovered we had been locked inside the church! Not my idea of fun, being locked inside a building with a strong, dark spirit! Once we had sorted that and sorted the police who also turned up, later on, Manda and Lynn decided to do a circle in the corner of the churchyard.

Manda picked up on a male figure walking towards us, Lynn also knew he was there. He came through to Manda and said his name was David, he looked like a vicar. Then he gladly told Manda that George was welcome here and that this was his church. Lynn heard whispering around us, and almost at exactly the same time, we both saw a dark, cloaked figure with a hood standing infront of the Devil's door. He was just standing there, looking towards us. All of a sudden, Manda was getting severe pain in her shoulder (I have a damaged shoulder anyway, which gives me pain all the time, but to differing degrees and this was really bad, like I had done something to severely aggrivate it). The pain was getting really bad and was also travelling down Manda's arm and into Lynn's arm and shoulder. Manda eventually asked for the pain to stop, which it slowly did, but she then started to feel very, very sick. It was then decided that we would call a halt to the circle, because George was getting stronger and was obviously trying to get to us in whichever way he could.

So all in all, we had a very interesting (and fun) day. It has given me loads of confidence now, because if I can hold George back, who is renowned for being a very strong spirit, I feel I am progressing and can deal with more things now.

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