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Canewdon daytime Investigation
February 2006

Well - what another fantastic day!!! Manda went to meet Lynne again and we visited the church that we got locked into last time.  This is a place that Manda feels very drawn to, it's a fascinating area.

When we went to walk past the church to go to the pub for lunch, we both felt we should have a quick look inside. We went in and the door on the L/H side that I was drawn to on our last visit, was slightly ajar, but the lock was locked closed??

We went into the room (strange feelings in there - very wobbly on the floor, although the floor was concrete and completely solid!) Lynn then noticed a small door on the R/H side with a metal bar accross it.

I tried to open it, but failed, Lynn had a go and with a little bit more strength, managed to get it to open. Lynn had heard the sound of a lady sobbing behind the door, and when it opened, there was a stone spiral staircase, we we just HAD to climb up.

We got about half way and the sobbing was getting louder (Manda couldn't hear it), but when Manda looked down behind her (after the shock of realising how steep the steps were) she saw a black shadow hiding round the corner!

We continued up the steps and suddenly Lynn stopped and said she had just seen a very thin face peep round the corner of the stairs and disappear!  As we reached the top, the door to the bell-tower bit opened, which freaked us both a bit, but we stood at the entrance to the door and looked in.

Lynn could see a lady sitting in the corner on the floor with a man laid with his head in her lap, but he was dead. His name was David (the person Manda had picked up on last time) and she was his sister, Sarah.  Manda could at this point hear footsteps in the wooden floor, pacing up and down and Lynn said it was George Pickingill (the guy we both picked up last time and a famous charactor).

We then decided it was time to leave and go for lunch at the pub. It took Manda a while to get back down the stairs, cause she is scared of heights and spiral staircases don't do much for her either!

At the pub, Lynn picked up the spirit of a man names William Atkinson, he was the vicar in the church and died in 1847, we traced him in the booklet and on the wall later that day.  He had been stabbed in the shoulder as he was robbed for the church takings and had died outside the pub!

Lynn picked up on him first and then Manda saw him wearing a brown cloak and reported seeing he had something tied round his middle, Lynn then said it was the string to hold up his trousers and laughed!

After our lunch, we returned again for a second go at picking stuff up and MY GOD - we got loads!  We returned to the door and both heard a VERY angry cat the other side of the door, it was growling and Lynn picked up it was a black cat with evil yellow eyes (Georges familiar? - witches cat?), it followed us around from this point onwards.

We sat in the church and Manda started to get a headache, it slowly got worse and worse, to the point where she said it felt like her head was being crushed in a vice and she felt sick with the pain!  This was much worse than last time, not sure why this was at this point.  She asked her guides and angels to take it away, but for some reason they couldn't. Manda asked Lynn who was doing this and she said it was George, he wanted to stop us seeing!  He had blocked her from seeing anything except him and given me the terrible headache to stop my concentration.

We both heard a door at the end of the church (alter end) open and close (there is no door now, but there was) and we both saw a line of people wearing black hooded robes, walking down the main aisle. The one infront was carrying a golden bowl and they went into the room at the back, where the door to the spiral staircase was.

Manda reported finding it very hard to concentrate, because of the pain, but she managed to see George standing in the doorway with a long black hooded cloak, which was blowing in the wind slightly and he had black leather gloves on.  I couldn't see past him at all and Lynn was also being blocked, but she managed to see a table being laid with a dark red cloth, one golden candlestick and the golden bowl.

The angry cat was around us all during this connection and was growling on and off, maybe to show just how angry it was!

We then took a walk round the inside of the church and heard lots of doors opening and closing (none were), the sound of something being dragged accross the floor upstairs somewhere, something being pulled up or let down by a rope and pully system, muffled voices and footsteps.  Unfortunately, then the warden came in to lock the church and we had to leave.

We then met up with Mark and went to Ashenden church for a little bit, where some names were picked up on by Mark and Lynn (Manda got absolutely nothing there at all) and then Lynn was taken over during the circle, by a child murderer, which was awful for her, he was very strong and Mark picked up his name as well.

Mark then felt someone had walked into his body and was saying that he felt like a large lady, wearing a yellow/brown dress and that she was standing watching us.  No more information was given on this experience from Mark.

We then heard footsteps, shuffling and noises from the other side of the door and Lynn suddenly looked up from listening (we both had our ears against the door trying to hear it again) and said that all three of us had been there before in a previous life. Manda, Lynn and Mark were all girls who had been given time off to go to church, we all wore the same grey dress with a white apron and all went to church together.  Unfortunately, no more information was given from this connection.

So all in all, we had a great day and evening. Can't wait until we can go there with our Beyond The Mist team and Haunted Essex tea, for a joint investigation in April.

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