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early 2005
These photo's were taken on our first visit to
Saltwood.  We picked up very little at the
churchyard, although Bev's EMF meter was
going off near to one of the large tree's at the side of the church.  After taking
some photo's at the churchyard, we decided to move off to the lake, where we
were in for a BIG surprise!
When walking down towards the lake, the group felt very uneasy and had the
feeling we were all being watched and the energy seemed very negative and
unfriendly.  When we reached the lake, Bev picked up on the spirit of a lady
who she said seemed empty and void of any emotion.  At the same time as
Bev was getting this information, Manda took some pictures and the results
are at the bottom of the page - we were all very surprised by what we had
just caught on camera!
After spending some time down by the lake, we felt it was time to leave, as
it was felt we were not welcome there and did not want to cause any problems
or ask for trouble!  As we were walking back up towards the hut, Bev felt we
were being followed and stopped to try and get any information on who it may
be.  She picked up on some spirits at the end of the path, they were not friendly
and suddenly began to move towards us and Bev decided we had to leave
Immediately!  Nikki took a photo as we walked past her and the results were
again quite amazing (photo to follow).
This is when we decided that this place was well worthy of more investigations,
which is why we have returned twice since then and will continue to do so.
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