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Park Inn Investigation
(Bev and another group)
Ive been asked to tell you all about the investigation (more like a mortal 'sit in'
chuckle) that I attended in April 2005, so here goes.

It was at The Park Inn in Dover, and we were asked to meet at 11pm. I went
along with 3 friends, after deciding to buy them a different kinda pressie for
christmas, (it was to be in January but was cancelled till April)at a price of 40
each. I would like to add at this point that it was worth every penny!

We had a buffet laid on and oodles of flowing coffee all night. We ate and drank
and got to know everyone before splitting into 3 groups, each with a psychic
and camara person present (the whole night was filmed).  Off we went round
the 3 floors of rooms.  The first room that our group went into was empty.
I felt something instantly and went to an alcove that was obviously once a
doorway.  I didnt say anything at this point as I am still a little shy about my
'gift'.  We sat down in a circle and joined hands (on the floor) and then it started!
I felt a presence beside me, this was also mentioned by Adam the psychic.
I began to feel a pain in the left side of my back, this was the side of the
presence.  My chest tightened and the pain spread under my rib cage. It was a
male, and he was trying to break the circle through me. I really had to force
myself to remain linked to the circle, as the pain became almost unbearable.
Eventually Adam ended the circle and the pain was instantly gone, but I was
still aware of him standing over by the wall.

In the next room (joined once by the door I mentioned) we met a young girl.
This is quite a wierd thing to explain, but I saw her in my mind , not with my
eyes (I experience lots of things in different ways during an investigation). She
seemed to be trapped/controlled by the menacing guy that we had already met
in the previous room.  We set up a circle to try and move her on/rescue her.
We joined hands, again it was instant, he was pulling at me, the force was
huge.  I was leaning to the left at an unnatural angle with the woman beside
me hanging on to my hand with all her might. I found myself telling Adam in a
panicy voice that she must go now, now!  As soon as the girl moved on, the
spirit went away.

Next room had a 4 poster bed in.  Everyone found somewhere to sit and I
settled down on the bed while Adam asked if anyone was there. After about 5
seconds my chest tightened, but not in the usual way, ( I get breathless when
spirit is too near to me), this was like experiencing someones death, my
breathing was becoming weaker and weaker, very scary!  I got off the bed very
quickly and leant against the fireplace while my chest returned to normal. On
looking at the video footage later it was seen that an orb appeared from
nowhere in front of my chest and shot to the floor (I was unaware of this at the

A lot of presence was felt all over the pub, including a couple of people in one
of the other teams actually seeing a spirit walk down a corridor.  We tried table
tipping, but nothing, and we also tried the Ouija board, but again nothing. It
seems that they come to me rather than me being able to call them.

Our main site picture of the mist at Saltwood lake was taken when I said that
there was a young woman present.  This gift is a really strange thing for me to
get my head around and the pics sort of give me the confidence in myself that
its not all in my head.  I'm sure that all of you who have experienced similar
will understand what I mean.

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