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Pluckley Investigation
18 June 2005
Well, we had a fantastic night last night at Pluckley.
We started off going to the ruins of St Mary's Church
and we all picked up some excellant orbs within
the actual ruins themselves.  Many of us were 
drawn towards the bottom of the graveyard under
all the trees and one of the group said she felt it
was very emotional and sad down there and she had to move away.  Another
member said that the spirits were quite sad that we were there and wandering
round, which was quite sad, but Alan said that the ruins themselves were very
welcoming and he felt that we were being welcomed there with open arms.

The walls of the ruins were surprisingly warm, considering they were stone 
and one of the group who was writing down what she felt, actually had a 
drawing of crying when she was down one side of the graves and also a 
drawing of what looked like a Monk.

I felt that I was drawn down to the sad area where I should just sit there and
do nothing, which is very unusual for me.  One of the group picked up on a
young girl called Amy and he then managed to find her grave.

After that we went off to St Nicholas Church yard where one of the group had
picked up on an evil spirit earlier in the evening and it was there agan while
we were walking round.  The guy who picked up on his felt totally drained 
and light headed at one point and had to lie on the grass to recover.

We got the strong feeling there was a presence down by the Dearing family 
plot once again and also further down the path going alongside the plot. 
One of the group was drawn round the back of the plot and felt drawn to a
grave with the names of Edward George and a girl called Amy!

Some of the group got some interesting orbs and one of the group said they
felt there had been a hanging in the churchyard at sometime.

Then things really got interesting, a few of the group were sitting in the porch
way of the church waiting for the others to catch up and they heard what
sounded like a banging noise.  On closer listening, it turned out to be the
sound of footsteps inside the church.  When we all got there, they were trying
to communicate with the spirit inside and were getting answers to their knocks
on the door.  A couple of the group started to ask questions and were getting 
knocks for yes and no as answers and then footsteps again.  A little later on
one of the group tried the door handle to check if the door was locked and it 
was wrenched from her hand from the otherside and placed back in the
hanging position.  We then began to ask for the spirit to move the handle and it
began to move sideways and shudder on our request.  The door was
intermitantly throbbing and vibrating during the session and a couple of the
group picked up that the spirit inside was very happy and friendly and wanted
to stay where it was.  A couple of people picked up on the names Richard
and David, but we did not get any answers regarding the spirits name.
One of the group said he felt the spirit walked with a limp and another person
said she felt the spirit was happy to communicate with us and quite enjoyed it.
I personally experienced the throbbing and vibrating of the door, when the
knocks on the door happened it felt exactly like someone was knocking the
otherside with force, even though the knocks were not overly loud.  I also saw
the door knocker move on request, but when I tried to move it there was no
resistance there at that time.

So all in all we had a fantastic evening well worth it and have yet again managed
to get more proof that there is something out there.
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