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Reculver Towers
31 December 2005
(see Dave's Investigation Facts on our forum
 for more info)

We had a fairly good night, it was pretty cold, but it was worth it for the results we got.  Instead of immediately carrying out the baseline tests as Dave would normally do, he had a quick look around the ruins to orientate himself and look for potential tripping hazards to be aware of later. He could find no apparent hazards so carried out the baseline tests.  The first thing to strike him about the location is that it was very windy. It was on an outcrop into the sea and the wind was blowing right across. This could have affected the temperature readings so we had to be aware of that. Dave asked Alan if he was picking anything up and he said not very much at the moment, however; he was aware of the spirit of a man watching us from the upper parts of the Towers. Dave asked if Alan could get a name for the man, Alan said not yet but maybe later he might come forward.

Ali reported that he got a spike on his EMF meter measuring up to 4 MG
Ali then reported he was picking up the name James, and had seen a shadow moving along the wall of the ruins, it moved from right to left, then turned towards him and disappeared. At this point Ali became emotional and a bit teary.

Tracey picked up the spirit of a woman.  Alan then started to pick up a bit more, he picked up the spirit of a woman called Sarah. Sarah lost her husband at sea; she was aged roughly late 20ís early 30ís and came here in distress wearing. Her husband may have been called George; this is unknown at this time though.  Manda was also picking up some details from this lady and felt she had to move away from the immediate area because she was going to cry.  At this point Ali reported movement in the ruins, Dave couldnít see anything though and no other member of the team came forward to back him up.

Alan was still picking up on the spirit of a lady called Sarah, Her mother was either dead or not around so her father made her do all the housework and the chores that the mother would have done.  Later it was found that her mother was in fact dead, and buried in the churchyard. Sarah comes to tend to the grave, however the grave has fallen into the sea.  Also picked up on was a man called Charles. He is said to come here to light a beacon for sailors in heavy weather. This does hold some credit as the towers were used as a beacon to sailors, as a navigational tool.  There was a possible relation link with Sarah and Charles, Brother and father were ruled out and it is suspected he was Sarahís uncle, again this is unconfirmed.

Then came the name Beatrice. Beatrice was suspected by some members of the team (definitely not including Dave) to be making the candle crackle and spit. Dave thinks this was more to do with wind than anything else.
We all then heard what could have been footsteps in the main tower area; Alan picked this up as being a lady who cleans tiles. This would have been when the Church was still intact; Alan described the tile as being of two different sorts, the first being with crosses on them and the second as being with the Prince of Wales feathers on them.

At this point in the investigation at 22:45, Ali asked Dave to accompany him out into the ruins as he was being drawn over there. He then picked up on the following:-

A man, taller than Ali and measuring in at approximately 6ft 2Ē, with a knee injury, broad in build. He came to the church to something, which he then regretted in life. He then started to point at Ali telling him to walk towards the sea, Ali refused (for obvious reasons). It was then revealed that the man's sister's grave had been lost to coastal corrosion and was now in the sea (many graves have been lost to the sea in this area). Dave and Ali then decided to go back and join the other members of the team back at the towers. When they arrived they found Alan giving the exact same information as what Ali had just given Dave, some 20-30 feet away. This Dave did find very interesting as it backs up Aliís information, and it would appear that the information is indeed coming from somewhere instead of being made up. The time was now 22:55.

Alan then went in to trance, so the team questioned him as follows

Investigators), what is your name?
Alan) Michael (pause) Hock
Investigators), what do you do for a living?
Alan) Blacksmith
Investigators), what year is it?
Alan), (not answered immediately but later) 1880- this was asked again and confirmed.
Investigators), do you work in the Church?
Alan), No
Investigators), Have you got an injury?
Alan), No Answer
Investigators), Have you lost someone?
Alan), No
Investigators), do you come here to pray?
Alan) No answer
Investigators), do you come here often?
Alan), Yes
Investigators), do you live locally?
Alan), Why do ask so many questions

At this point the team reassured him that we are just here to speak to him and to learn about him, and we meant him no harm.

Investigators), Are you happy to talk to us?
Alan), Yes
Investigators), How old are you?
Alan), 68
Investigators), Are you married?
Alan), Yes
Investigators), whatís your wifeís name?
Alan), Emma
Investigators), do you have any Children?
Alan), No answer
Investigators), Are you all right Michael?
Alan), No answer
Investigators), Are you happy to keep talking to us?

At this point, Alan became very distressed and it was decided for Alanís safety to bring him back forwards. This took a number of minutes to do.
It was noted by some members of the team that Alanís features changed to look older.

We decided in order for Alan to recuperate, we would have a bit of a tea break and a warm up, we also discussed what we had encountered so far.
While Alan and Manda were away getting the tea and biscuits from his car, Ali reported that his hands were becoming warmer, as if someone was holding them. He said he could sense a woman holding his hands, this was to protect him. He then reported that he felt like he was floating upwards. Dave said he could grab his arm if this would make him feel safer; he did and began to calm down a bit.  Ali then reported feeling incredibly drained of energy.  Dave decided to take him out of the area and they both walked further towards the middle of the ruins. They sat on the ground as Ali was beginning to collapse on Dave. After about 5 minutes Ali felt much better and they were able to rejoin the rest of the group.

It was now 23:40, and we sat for a tea break until 12am and the New Year.
After the New Year had come and passed the team continued to explore the ruins and take photos for another 45 minutes. Alan went into trance again, but this time we received no information from him because it was decided by the team that there was something wrong and possibly the spirit trying to connect with us, through Alan, was not totally truthful, so we all decided to bring Alan back forward again quickly. It was then decided to end the investigation at 00:45

Final Note

Other names also picked up on included,

Another Sarah who came to pray
Sister Mary Mcgregor (a nun)

All these names came forwards but information was scarce, research continues.



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