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At our Saltwood investigation on the 24th
September 2005, our group was larger than
normal and we split into two - one group
which consisted of members from a local
spiritualist church went straight down to the lake (this was purely by accident
as they didn't realise we were going to the church first) and it would seem
that they had a hard time down by the lake with the negative spirits down
there, more about this later.  Manda, Alan, Lyn, Marie, Kevin, Trace, Nikki and
Ali went to the churchyard in the centre of Saltwood and shortly after we
arrived a couple of members picked up on the spirit of a miner who was there.
He was unhappy that his life had been cut short and would not leave Lyn alone
he kept following her around.  A few members of the group felt there was a
witchcraft connection in the back field and felt we were being watched by
cloaked figures.  Ali, Nikki and Manda went into the side field where the sheep
are and Manda felt there was something there but could not get anything else.
We asked Kevin to come in with us and he said there was someone walking
around who did not want us there and was becoming hostile, so we decided
to go back into the churchyard, for fear of upsetting them, especially as there
is a strong witchcraft connection there.

Alan tried to move the Miner on who was in the area, but he did not want to go
and became angry and shouted (through Alan) GO AWAY!!!! Just before this,
Manda, Nikki and Ali heard a whisper.

After walking around and picking up on a few other spirits/feelings etc we moved
to the side of the church and into the far corner.  Here the spirit of a young boy
child was picked up, he was running around and tugging on peoples trousers
for fun and to be noticed.  While walking around the area, some of the group
heard a definate sound of a rush of water over gravel coming from the very far
corner, but nothing was picked up and the sound was not repeated.

We then decided to hold a seance round by where our Miner (Alfred) was,
Alan, Manda, Lyn, Nikki, Ali and Marie, gathered round the grave stone and
linked hands.  We were a few minutes into the seance and guess what.......Manda's
phone went off!!!!!!  It was Bev, she wanted directions, because she was joining
us later and had forgotten the way.  After this was sorted out, we started again
and our Miner was very strongly around us, he took energy from Ali, Alan and
Lyn.  After the seance had ended, Alan (who had been in a trance) collapsed
and he took a while to come back to us again, but this was due to our Miners

Once Bev had arrived and Alan had recovered, we took a short break and then
moved on to Brockhill Lake.  Here is where we heard what had happened to
the other half of the group.  Two of their members had collapsed due to the
negative energy down there and one of these two people was literally thrown
to the ground and had cuts, bruises and aches to prove it.  When we arrived,
she was still shaking, crying and very distressed by the whole incident.  We
spent some time round one side of the hut and Bev picked up on three figures
standing in the field opposite, they seemed to be featureless, but she got the
words Knights Templer and then Templer Knights??  Shortly before this, some
members of the group heard a deep growling sound which seemed to come
from or just behind the rubbish bin and at least one member of the group felt
heat coming from the bin.
Unfortunately, at this point a couple of guest investigators lost it and ran,
screaming, away from the bin, which made everyone else panic and some
people got pushed forwards or into posts!

We spent some time round the back of the hut, where Bev picked up that
there was a lady buried there (many, many years ago), in a proper little
unmarked grave.  We are still not sure if this is our "lady of the lake" we picked
up on last time.  Our lady was seen hanging around this area, but no-one
managed to get any information from her, apart from upset feelings.  A couple
of people picked up that her name was Mary, but that seemed to be it.

We then moved off down to the lake and as we were walking down the path,
many members of the group felt we were definately NOT alone and that
whatever it was did not want us there!  We got down to the lake and took some
pictures, but no mist there today.  We had been warned by the other group
about the negative energies down there and we decided that we should not
split up and that we must remain together at all times.  At this starting point,
Manda and Lyn heard a growling sound behind us again.  We began to walk
round the lake, taking pictures as we went and many of the group had the
feelings again that we were not alone.  Bev said that there was someone
with us to protect us (which was nice to know) and someone following behind
us who was not so nice.  At one point, we were all together and had just
walked accross one of the many small wooden  bridges around the lake and
most of us clearly heard two very heavy footsteps cross the bridge behind
us and at his point, we decided to move on a bit faster!  When we got back to
the starting point again, someone picked up on a child and a dog, but nothing
else to do with them.  We then walked back up the path to the top by the hut
and then made our way back to the gates.

It was at this point that Bev realised she was not alone and had brought the
spirit of Mary back with her.  She suddenly felt very emotional, lost all her
energy and almost collapsed.  Alan and Lyn came over to help move this
spirit away, after feeling that she needed to go back over the fence, Mary was
collected by another spirit and left.  Bev felt that Mary was not actually being
kept there by this other spirit, but was somehow bound to be there and unable
to leave or go past the boundry, possibly by marriage?  Then believe it or not,
the police turned up and were a little surprised to see a load of people with
cameras wandering around by the gates to the park.  One of them was actually
quite interested in what we were doing and actually told us of one of his own
paranormal experiences and was interested to see our photo's, but his partner
was not so impressed, as I am sure you can tell by the pictures!

So overall a good night, but definately a place to be prepared for and not
somewhere to be taken lightly or to upset any spirits!!!!!
Here are a couple of pictures taken by a member of the second group
(Sharon) who attended our investigation
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