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 19 NOVEMBER 2005
(This was our first investigation as a brand new group)
At Saltwood this time, we were a smaller group than we had been used to
before, as this was our first investigation as a proper newly formed team,
and we got some fantastic results.  The group made their way to Saltwood
church to start with and had a wander round there, Alan set up a trigger object
in the doorway of the church and then a video camera around the back,
opposite the grave where there was so much activity from Alfred on our last
visit.  The group then moved off to the front of the church, to avoid any
interference with the camera.
Alan picked up on the spirit of a military man, wearing a uniform.  Alan would 
not allow him to come too close, because he did not want to go into a trance
at this point.  We spent a while around the front of the church, leaving the video
camera alone at the back.  We then returned to the camera, to find it was still
recording and all was ok.  Nothing much seemed to be happening at either side
of the church this time, which was unusual (going by previous visits).
We were just getting ready to leave and move off to the lake, when Manda was
attracted towards the front corner of the churchyard and asked Alan to go with
her, as she was being drawn to that area.  As they were walking towards the 
corner, Alan picked up the spirit of an older lady called Emily, just as Manda
was picking up the spirit of a child called Louise.  Alan found Emily's grave
right in the corner of the churchyard and then went to help Manda.  At this
point, Manda described the spirit she was seeing as a young girl, approx 10-12
years old, dressed in a long white cotton looking dress with an embroided
panel over the chest area.  She had long, light brown hair and huge bright
blue eyes.  She was dancing and skipping around and seemed very happy.
At that point Alan found three childs graves next to where Manda was standing,
one of them was a child named Suzanne and the end one (next to Manda) was
of a child names Louise.  Alan said he could see all three children dancing and
playing around both of them.  Alan and Manda then re-joined the group and left
for the lake.
We car shared down to the country park and made our way down towards the
lake area.  No strange feelings or noises were reported down by the hut (these
had been noted previously by some people), although the feeling on the path
heading towards the lake was a little uneasy.  Roy got some very interesting
pictures of mist as we headed towards the lake and some good orbs were also
captured on camera.  We all arrived at the lake and it seemed quite calm (a
totally different feeling from our last visit (see saltwood report 1) ), Alan very quickly 
picked up on the spirit of a lady called Elizabeth, he tried to hold her back from
him, but she jumped forward and took him over and he went into a trance. 
She seemed a little distressed and shouted "leave me alone", using Alan, but
the voice was of a woman.  Manda decided to bring Alan back forward again
because the spirit seemed distressed, we then moved on up the path round
the lake and all of us heard what sounded like a stone or a clump of mud being
thrown into the water.  It seemed to come from the island in the middle of the
lake (reported to be haunted by the former landowner, William Tournay, and his
dog).  Kevin is sure he say what looked like something wrapped in a white
cloth being thrown into the water.  We are still not sure what this was and still
cannot account for the noise, it was definately not a duck or a fish, so who
knows - many of the group think it WAS paranormal.
Alan wanted to walk round the lake, Kevin, Roy and Marie were not keen as
they felt very uneasy, so Manda went with Alan round the lake.  Nothing really
happened, no noises or footsteps (like our last visit), it felt very uneasy down
the far end of the lake, this was reported by both Alan and Manda.  Alan said
he felt that that end of the lake was the original, natural part and the rest was
man-made (this is correct from research that has been found).  Some good orbs
were captured on camera round by the lake, but because of the very cold night,
it was decided that we should head back to the cars for tea and coffee.
On the way back, Alan was receiving information on some of the other members
of the Tournay household, one in particular (named John) was not a nice spirit
at all.
All in all, we had a good night, this place is certainly very interesting.  It is
steeped in history, has loads of reports of witchcraft and black magic and there
are also many reports of hauntings and spirits seen in the area.  Saltwood is
also mentioned in the book "Haunted Places of Kent"!
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