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 11 February 2006

Investigators in attendance:

Manda, Dave, Alan, Marie, Trace, Lynn, Robin, Mark and guest Ben

The team started off at a private residence (a friend who needed some help) and a lot was picked up by the group relating to child spirits who were there, these were mainly picked up by Mark and Robin. Alan picked up about a young child outside who died suddenly from a head wound, he also picked up on water and foul play plus details relating to a leprecy hospital on the site. This could well account for the problems my friends were having at the property.  The house is now in the process of being cleansed and the problems should be shortly resolved.

The group then moved onto the church at Saltwood and some amazing stuff happened here. Manda, Trace and Lynn all picked up on a farm worker and his wife at the bottom of the churchyard, they seemed happy and were interested in what we were doing. We then all picked up on a witchcraft ceremony in the field at the back of the church, but felt we should leave well alone and left the area fairly quickly.

During this time, Dave collapsed in a different part of the church, as he had been “attacked” by a spirit who was out to cause trouble.  While he went off with Lynn to recover, Alan and Manda both picked up on the trouble making spirit, he was wearing a brown suit and was very angry.  Manda and Trace then went inside the church porchway and were picking up that the church was full of people in a service. They then picked up on one family in particular, Trace felt she was one of the family members and Manda could see what she was seeing (but from the outside). It was great how they worked together and could verify what each other were picking up.

Lynn and Robin went to the otherside of the church, where Robin made his first connection with his spirit guide, a knight, and captured a misty shape of a horses head.  Possible connected to his new guide?

Trace also picked up on a man hiding inside the church, he had been hung somewhere near by, but was not guilty of the crime. Manda picked up that the crime was sheep rustling and they both felt he was scared.

Finally the team decided to move off down to the lake, where they managed to split themselves into two groups (unintentionally), and  got some fantastic pictures.  Mark and Robin were both picking up on Elizabeth round by the hut and when the team moved down to the lake, Mark felt someone had drowned here (or was killed by drowning), the team could see ripples on the water for no reason and heard splashing (which was definitely not the ducks). More details of what Alan, Dave, Marie, Trace and Ben picked up on will follow shortly, because Manda, Lynn, Mark and Robin were on the other side of the lake for some of the time.

Manda, Robin, Mark and Lynn decided to hold a circle (a first for the team down by the lake – not something they would usually do because of the bad energy down there, but it went well) and everyone picked up on a lot of information, including (unfortunately for poor Mark) someone being raped and what looked like murdered, within the last 30-40 years!!!!

Manda felt spirits moving around her, as did the others in the circle and both Manda and Mark picked up on the surname Sullivan. Robin connected strongly with his spirit guide again, which was fantastic for him and Manda felt her angels were around as protection and although she had some dizzy feelings and felt VERY sick at one or two points, nothing else happened to the team all night. Manda picked up on a very large book, with gold edging to the pages, which was also picked up on by Mark and Robin, not sure what this was connected to though and manda also saw some kind if ritual going on round a fire with figures wearing black cloaks with hoods. At this point, Mark picked up on the rape and obviously wanted to stop the circle, he had said just a few seconds before that he could see Manda's guide standing infront of her and was telling us to stop.

Unfortunately, Alan, Dave, Marie, Ben and Trace had to leave due to the time, and the journey back home, before manda, Mark, Robin and Lynn had finished the circle, so they don’t know about our next experiences!!

During the circle, we noticed that the mist was rising from the lake and the water was blacker than normal. Robin left the group (leaving the rest of us connected) and took some pics, so hopefully something will come of that.

Once the circle had finished, Lynn noticed a misty shape on the lake which looked like a figure, all the rest of us also witnessed it and it seemed to be moving closer towards us. We took some photo’s (nothing really showed unfortunately), but it was the strangest of experiences.

We then had to go back round the other side of the lake and collect Robin’s EVP recorder and Video camera which had both been left to record alone, so hopefully these will provide some interesting information. As we were walking round to leave, we heard again something being dropped into the water on a couple of occasions. We also heard what sounded like someone splashing around, it was far more noisy than a bird could have ever done and both Manda and Lynn were feeling very sick at this point! We also heard muffled voices from the other side of the lake, but there was no-one else around at that time!

We then decided we had to leave immediately, both Manda and Lynn felt this was really important that the remaining team left at that moment. As we walked back up to the main entrance to the park, we felt someone/something was following us and both felt uneasy about this.  Luckily, nothing followed us out and no police turned up this time either.

So all in all we had a great night and hope our guests did to.  We will be returning again to this site, as it hold a lot of interest for the team.

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