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The Ship Inn, Dymchurch
6 February 2006

This invest was a real treat for us all here at Beyond The Mist, because not only was this our first pub investigation, but also the owners of this premises had turned down the "Most Haunted" team last year!!!

We would like to say a BIG thank you to Doreen and Chris for allowing us access to their wonderful premises and to Clair for making the first contact and starting the ball rolling for us.

Investigators in attendance:






Guest investigators were Clair and Chris.

Pre Investigation facts

Manda, Bev and Nikki went to this pub the week prior to the investigation to arrange the night and finalise everything with the landlady (Doreen). Both of them picked up on a maid, before they went the pub. As soon as they walked in, Bev felt a sudden overwhelming feeling of happiness and excitement and the music began to play up.

They were given a quick tour of the whole building and both picked up on a few things, one was a man on the stairs who was very strong, but mean't no harm, smuggling was picked up by Bev down in the cellar and a female child in the bar area.

Manda and Bev walked into the public bar at the front of the building (which actually turned out to be the back after further questioning of the landlady after our investigation) and walked straight up to the far window.  It is reported that they both stood and looked out onto a bench under a tree and said to each other "They go outside"!!  Both of them picked up on information that the maid and other resident/visiting spirits went outside and sat on the bench.

Investigation Report

Manda was the first to arrive and said that earlier that evening, on the way home from work she had been given an image of what looked like a skeleton head with a black cloak on his body and a hat. She could not get anymore information about this, so left it. When she walked into the pub, right on the wall at the far end was a small picture of exactly this image she had seen!!!! While she was there alone, it is reported that the lights flickered a few times, the music jumped a few times and she made very brief contact with the maid again. 

Once all other members arrived, they got started and visited three of the bedrooms upstairs. Bev picked up on gallows in one of them, Alan picked up on a lady (housekeeper in charge) named Jane, Manda reported the start of a heavy headache and Bev was getting pains in her stomach area.  Alan reported being given an image of soldiers coming into the pub and dragging someone out, this person they were "arresting?" was terrified for his life!

The team then moved onto the second bedroom (very small attic room) and Bev reported feeling there was something in the en-suite bathroom, Alan picked up on a older teenager who had been kept in the room while she was pregnant and had her baby in there (out of wedlock), which was why she was kept out of site and the child was taken away from her. Manda reported having a really bad headache by this time and feeling very dizzy, to the point where she felt she could not stand up for fear of falling over. Others in the team reported feeling sick and unsteady on their feet.

The third room we visited was another en-suite room and in here the team have a picture of a partly formed apparition (taken by Trace) in the bathroom door, orbs caught on camera and Bev felt like she was being covered by a shawl and was was running out of the building and across to the building opposite, with a baby in her arms, which was suddenly no longer there?  Alan picked up on children running up and down and that their footsteps may have been heard sometimes by those living or staying in the pub and also a fish smokehouse near by.  Manda reported a badly spinning head for a while after leaving the attic room and moving into this room, but this was reported to have gone away as quickly as it had arrived.

The team then moved into the dining room/restaurant, not much was reported in this room, although Alan did capture on film a ghostly light (very much like a gas lamp) hanging from the ceiling in an area where there were no lights, except wall lights.  This ghostly light had a low glow and was clearly seen on film by most members of the team.

The team then went downstairs for a break, although no-one picked up on an awful lot there. Bev was very drawn to the small office and felt there was a lot of activity there, but could not pick up anything specific.  Doreen has a CCTV system in the pub and Bev went upstairs to have a quick look at it and very quickly came rushing back down again to bring the rest of the group up to see what was on one of the screens.  On screen was the room that the group were having a break in and then switched off the lights, to continue the investigation.  This room was full of orbs, flying around all over the place, it was a totally amazing sight, none of the other screens showed anything at all, so that ruled out general dust and there were no bugs or moths in the room at all.

Other information picked up on was coach and horses regularly drawing up at what we thought was the back of the pub.  On further questioning of the owner, this turned out to be the original entrance when the Inn was a coaching inn.

There were hangings done very close to the church (which is opposite the pub) and this was reported by Bev when the team were upstairs.  There is also a very old jail house very close by and the building opposite was somehow connected to both of these.

All in all, a very interesting night.



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