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Old Romney Investigation
29 October 2005
Our venue for this invest was St Clements
Church in Old Romney.  Some of the group
were picking up dark shadows especially round the very old Yew
tree in the centre of the churchyard.  Ali saw 6 dark shadows in the area and
one of our group picked up a name of George Wentworth who was from the
dark side and he did not communicate with him anymore because of this.
Manda saw one dark shadow round the Yew tree and a white misty lady over
one side of the church yard.  Bev connected with the tree itself and said she
felt the tree liked bring touched, but got nothing else from that area.  A couple
of the group saw a line of dark shadow figures walking along the edge of one
of the surroundng fields, in a line, one of them was stooping and one was tall,
but they were not clear to see properly.  Another of the group watched a line
of people (possibly the same ones??????) walking towards a house, they were
holding hands and had their heads lowered, similar to what you would expect
to see at a funeral.

Some people felt the church had a bad feeling and some of us felt it was good
and peaceful.  Lyn picked up a lady sobbing inside the church, but did not
really know why.  While a few of the group were over by the side of the church,
they noticed one of the window latches was up, which it didn't seem to be
beforehand.  Bev, Manda and Alan wanted to go into one of the fields and Alan
in particular was drawn to the field beforehand, knowing there was or had
been water there.  He picked up on a lady who had slipped in bad weather
while walking home, hit her head and fallen into the lake and drowned.
No-one knew she was there and no-one came to help, he managed to move
her on which was fantastic!

Lyn picked up on a possible battle in another of the adjacent fields, hundreds
of people, anger and shouting.  Water (a river or stream) was picked up on as
well and one of our group may have something on audio relating to this - time
will tell on that one.

When photo's were taken inside the church (through the windows) mists and
orbs were captured.  One particular window had a lot of activity and many
pictures were taken from exactly the same angle in quick succession and
each picture showed something different (which is very unusual).  There seemed
to be no mist, very little mist, huge mists, moving mists and orbs moving to
different areas in the photo's.  Some pictures seemed to show faces, but this
will not be clear until they are downloaded and examined properly.

Manda, Bev, Lyn, Ali and a guest investigator held a seance near to the window
with the open latch, Ali was almost immediately contacted by what we think is
the white lady who was showing him quite graphic pictures and made him feel
very sick.  Manda was being pushed forward into the circle, Lyn and Bev in the
circle could hear her name being chanted slowly and felt she should be in the
centre of the circle.  Manda moved into the centre (keeping a link with those
on the outside) and made contact with one of her spirit guides (a monk dressed
in a black hooded robe), he came to her with love and she believes (confirmed
by others in the circle) that he was telling her to trust what was being given to
her and not to take people/things at face value - not to judge a book by it's cover).
During he seance Manda felt sick on and off, very lightheaded and dizzy at one
point and very shaky legs.  Other people in the circle was being pushed from
behind or from the side and one of the members in the circle felt he had a lady
leaning on him.  Alan was watching over the circle and giving added protection
when required, due to the nature of the feelings in the area and the possibility
of dark spirits being around.  Many orbs were captured on camera, some of
them blue and definately they were moving around the fields and the church.  

All in all a fairly good invest, even though it was quite a cold night.
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