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St Giles Leper Hospital
Invest done by Dave
St Giles Leper Hospital 

There are many places in Maldon that are reputed to be haunted. This is mainly
because Maldon is such an old town. I am therefore relentlessly researching into
these haunted places, there ghosts, and their history.  I find some of the
information I find is rather odd but always very interesting.  If you go up Maldon
High Street and follow the road around through Silver Street, you find Spital
Road. Follow Spital Road up and you come to the ruins of St Giles Leper
Hospital.  As you have probably by now guessed, Spital Road was named after
the ho-spital on them.  The Hospital itself was built during the 12th Century
when Henry the second was on throne. All that remains of them now is the
ruins of the Chancel and the Transepts of the Chapel, judging by what’s left,
these must have been on a rather impressive scale. 

In 1402 an inquiry was held and was found that the Leper Hospital was to given
the defective bread, meat and fish from the town to feed the inmates, they were
also to be provided with a chaplain so they could take divine mass each day in
the chapel.  Then, in 1481 the hospital was conveyed to the Abbot and
Monastery at Beeleigh.  Both St Giles Leper Hospital and Beeleigh Abbey were
closed down during the dissolution of the Church under King Henry the 8th. 

My Visit 

I decided to pay the ruins a visit and have a proper look around. I carried out a
baseline test on my arrival, but found no unusual readings on either my EMF
meter or Temperature gauge. I then took several photos with my digital camera.
Upon reviewing the pictures I found one with a bright blue Orb.  I have not
really heard any stories of paranormal happenings at the hospital, but on a
previous visit with Alan, (the group's Medium),  he became very distressed
and was rushed off the site. No information was gained, however Alan did
claim that the site was very active.  I would be hasty to except this straight off
simply because the lack of evidence. I cannot find any eyewitness statements
claiming of any kind of paranormal activity with the site. This site has existed
for a very long time and is surrounded on three sides by houses and on the
fourth by the busy Spital Road, so if it was paranormally active, I would have
expected either local residence living next door to the ruins or even drivers
and pedestrians walking past the site, to have experienced something. There
is no evidence that I know of to suggest this has happened.  A friend and
myself also paid night time visit and sat vigil in the ruins, but to no avail.
I would like to go back again with a medium and see if any evidence can be
collected or information gathered. In my eyes, this site is worthy of further
investigation, even if just to rule out paranormal activity being present on the
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