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Sutton Valance
21 January 2006


Investigators in attendance:







Weather Forecast: Dry and clear with temperatures of about 2 or 3 Degrees Celsius

Baseline Test Results


Location Time EMF Temperature Notes
Main Towers 22:00 0 MG -1.5 N/A
Ruins 22:05 0 MG -1.0 N/A
Grounds 22:10 0.5 MG -1.5 Uneven Ground

 Vigil Detail of Events

When we first arrived on site, Dave carried out the baseline tests as always and Alan set about setting up two separate Night Vision Cameras recording in the main ruins of the Tower and Castle. Dave took a detailed baseline noting that the grounds were very uneven and could present a danger when manoeuvring in the dark.

At first Alan wasn’t picking anything up at all, but gave a brief detail of the name Humphrey that he had picked on in the teams meeting location. As Alan wasn’t picking anything up at this point, Dave went to explore the ruins and film them in hope of capturing any light anomalies on film. Marie then reported to him that she was feeling a little nervous and was drawn towards a certain area of the grounds surrounding the castle. She claimed they had an eerie feel to them; this could have been down to the large dark shadows being cast by the tall remaining walls of the ruins.

Manda then came up with name Alfred and described him as being tatty in clothes and with a short scruffy unshaven beard like facial hair growth. She could not quite pick up what his connection was with castle.

Meanwhile Alan was over by the main Castle ruins and was picking up a man named Bicci. At this early stage Alan was unsure as to whether this was the mans first or Surname. He said he was standing just behind Dave who then asked for a sign, but to no avail.

Manda was again also picking up on a name. A man called Bartholomew was making himself known, but information was scarce at this stage and it was hoped more would come forward as the investigation progressed.

Alan was coming up with more information on Bicci, he was born abroad and had a foreign accent, and he spoke unusually fast and in broken English. He was described as wearing a metal helmet with a nose guard coming down the middle of his face. He also was wearing a brown jacket coming down to his waist which was undone to reveal a chain mail vest (an early form of body armour). This gave the clue that he was from medieval times and Alan then dated him as passing over in 1180.

Bev made it known to the team that she was picking up a man in connection with a house at the bottom of the hill, at this point Nikki took a tumble on the uneven ground (as noted in the baseline tests)

Alan was still coming up with information on Bicci, he was getting that Bicci was stationed in many castles or other forts/military installations but enjoyed his time at Sutton Valance castle the most, so chose to return in visitation. The castle was built purposefully for use as a garrison to house soldiers and as a place of defence. Castles were indeed built all over the country and were used to house the lords of the land and their soldiers, so this gave Alan information some historical credit. He then went on to say that the castle went on to become a private residence for a while before being reduced to its present ruined state. At the time of its construction, Alan said that the castle would have been much bigger and would have had walls at the bottom of the hill as well as the main Keep at the top.

Dave then asked Alan if he could get the name of Bicci’s Commander. At this point Alan claimed that the commander was indeed linked with the name Humphrey or Humphries, this name being the surname of the man in charge. Alan then picked up on a skirmish that took place at the bottom of the castles defensive mound and near to a river, although there had been no blood spilt within the castle itself.

At this point Bev made it known that she was getting the name McGillian, and Alan continued to tell Bev about what he had just picked up about Bicci and claimed that there were three spirits grounded at the Castle, some of the more sensitive members of the team then became concerned that some of the spirit energies in the castle were getting agitated by all the questions being asked, but we continued none the less.

A short while later Alan went into trance, No information was gathered but it was noted that Alan’s face again changed, much the same way it did at Reculver on an earlier investigation. This Trance was timed by Dave as taking place at 22:36pm.

After a short while Alan started to give a description of a man in black clothing down to his knees who he suspects was the man Bartholomew. Bartholomew was a priest, whose first name was suspected as being Thomas; he preferred to be called Father Bartholomew. This information was picked up by Manda, when she tried to get a date or year for this man all she got was the number 17. This could have represented the years ??17 or 17??, we cannot be sure.

While Manda was connecting to Father Bartholomew, some pictures were taken and showed a black shadow moving accross Manda, this is yet to be explained!

Dave took a walk into the main towers and stumbled across and was nearly blinded be Marie, Trace and Nicci. They claimed they could see or sense a figure standing amongst the ruins. There was no evidence to support this where they suspected the figure was this could have been suggestion and the strange shapes of the ruined walls playing tricks on their minds.

Next Bev had a strong link with the character names McGillian, she picked up that he was a serviceman and had links with the house at the bottom of the hill. This house was told by McGillian to have been commissioned for the troop’s accommodation and picked up the year 1943 and a link obviously with World War Two. McGillian claimed to be a US Airman and officer and was dressed in a very pale off colour Blue US Airman’s uniform and had a peak cap. He was the navigator on one of the planes but was disappointed because he passed on the ground and not in the air. He was a very cheerful chap and made the group feel very happy and cheerful with his presence. Several questioned were asked and he wouldn’t answer seriously. It was asked what he was there to do? He claimed “As little as possible” and to “look pretty”.

Marie also picked up on the name James, which could have a link with this USAF officer, who was suspected of being of Irish American descent.

At this stage, Alan ventured back into the ruins and traced again, This started off relatively unknown to the rest of the team who were still chatting about McGillian, however Dave noticed the change in Alan and went over to question him. Dave asked several times for a name and received no reply from Alan. Alan’s eyes were rolled back in his skull, with his head tilted slightly back and mouth half open, he was breathing heavily and appeared to be in some distress. At this point Alan looked straight at Dave who was still questioning him and screamed at the top of his voice “Be gone”, before coming out of Trance and collapsing to the ground. This experience un-nerved Dave a little, so he took a moment to compose himself.

It was at this stage that we decided to call the investigation to an end as there was movement from the house below and we didn’t want to disturb the locals any longer.


After the investigation


After the investigation was complete Alan then claimed that Bicci was more likely to date much further back from the Castle and worked in a flint mill. He had no connection with the village and probably dated back to Saxon times.

Apart from the information picked up by the Medium’s, there were very little phenomena taking place within the castle ruins. There was lose masonry to be moved and being an outdoor location, no furniture either, so there was very little to be experienced. Dave picked up no light anomalies from his video camera and we are still waiting for Alan to check his tapes and report back. So as a final note. Standby for further updates of this report when the last of the notes are gathered and Alan has had the chance to check back his tapes etc.


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