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What can we offer you?


We can help you if you think your property is haunted.  If you think you may be having a problem with spirits in your property, we will run an investigation to find out whether there is a genuine paranormal problem (some "hauntings" have a very simple and rational explanation), we will then try to rescue these spirits (if necessary) and send them on their way.

Our group does not charge for coming out to see your property, we welcome everyone who has an interest in the paranormal and everyone who is having problems and needs some help and advice to contact us.

Please feel free to contact us on for more information, or visit our forum, the link is on the front page.  We are a friendly group with experienced members, we take our investigations very seriously and we hope to help spirits who are in need at the same time as gaining information and evidence to prove there is something out there.

We will NOT use Ouija boards, so please don't worry that we will bring anjything nasty into your home or property.  We believe in respect and love and will only work with spirit from the light, unless you have a major problem which needs to be solved.

If you know of a haunted location and would be willing to let us run an investigation there, please contact us on the above e-mail address.  We will keep your identity anonymous and the location a secret if you wish us to.

We also sometimes have one or two spaces available on our investigations for visitors to join us.  Please be aware that if you are invited to attend, you must take note of all rules and any instructions you are given by the core members of the group.  This will be for your own safety and for those around you.  Please also be aware that you may not be able to join in a seance/circle for both your safety and the safety of our core members.  We do not charge for you to attend an investigation with us, neither do we charge to investigate/ clear your property, we are purely here to show anyone who is interested, that the paranormal is a fascinating subject and that the spirit world is very much in existance.  If you are interested in attending an investigation, please contact us on for more information.


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